The ultimate solution for repair of corroded cylinder rods 

Laser cladding in 2020

Repair of corroded cylinder rods

Since 2012, Topclad provides hydraulic cylinder rods with laserclad coatings
against corrosion and wear. Topclad lasercladding is the most innovative and
durable alternative for galvanic nickel chrome and HVOF coatings.
Very reliable, long lifetime and very low “cost of ownership”.The ultimate solution for repair of corroded cylinder rods  2

Topclad gets weekly requests to repair cylinder rods, galvanic or HVOF coated, that are heavy corroded. Some of these cylinder rods have more than 3 mm deep corrosion spots.

The first step we take at Topclad is to remove the corrosion. The layer thickness that needs to be removed does not have to be the same over the full length. When there is no damage at all, just a minimum of 225 um layer thickness will be removed. This is our standard clad thickness. When the corrosion is deeper, more material will be removed.

Our CNC laserclad installation has a variety of install parameters and one of them is the powder feed volume. Depending on the layer thickness that is needed to restore the rod to its original diameter, the amount of powder can be stepless increased on those spots where more corroded material has been taken away. Costs are kept to a minimum in this way.

Low costs for repair is not the only benefit. Our innovative laserclad layer has a much better performance against corrosion and wear than galvanic and HVOF coatings.

Please note that lasercladding can be performed on all kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel (even RVS 431). Topclad can add layers of nickel (with or without tungsten carbides), cobalt, stainless steel and bronze alloys. Even the thread on rods for rod eyes and clevises can be renewed. The old damaged thread will be removed, new material will be added by cladding, and new thread is cut. Cladded thread quality has been tested and proved to be better
than the original thread.

Topclad, for new and repair coatings by lasercladding of cylinder rods, drums, drive shafts and bearings, resulting in high uptimes and low “cost of ownership” of your equipment.

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