Topclad® Tardisphere® for standard and custom made slide bearings

Topclad® Tardisphere®

laserclad coating on slide bearings for propellor shafts and machine parts

Topclad is the innovation center for laserclad applications. Tardisphere is one of our laserclad products which performs excellent against wear. Since 2012, Tardisphere is used on cylinder rods with extreme high side load. Research at Topclad for the last decade, found that Tardisphere is also very appropriate for slide bearings.

Tardisphere is an Inconel based alloy, mixed with Tungsten Carbides. These Tungsten Carbides are hard and very wear resistant. They are embedded in a very ductile nickel based layer. Applied on a bearing, this makes the bearing not only wear resistant but also corrosion resistant and suitable for shock absorption. This can be important in case, for example, in seawater lubricated bearings and also in applications with ever changing side loads. Most hard material bearings are not ductile and particles break out due to load shocks.

One of the most successful applications for Tardisphere are the slide bearings for propellor shafts like the ones used for ship propulsion. Topclad is able to provide new and used shafts up till 8500 mm long with Tardisphere.

At Topclad we also produce bearing bushes with Tardisphere, to shrink on (propulsion) shafts. The advantage here is that the shaft does not need to be transported to Topclad but can be fitted on site. This can be anywhere around the world!

Tardisphere on propulsion shafts is validated by Bureau Veritas.

Topclad, for new and repair coatings by lasercladding of cylinder rods, drums, drive shafts and bearings, resulting in high uptimes and low “cost of ownership” of your equipment.


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