Economic advantages

The economic advantages of Topclad Laser Cladding

The main economic advantages of Topclad Laser Cladding are: lower total costs of ownership, the possibility to use low-cost base material and one-stop shop service.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

In many industries the uptime of capital intensive equipment is crucial for economic success. The technical advantages of Topclad Laser Cladding ensure superior protection against corrosion, wear, external impact, bending and thermal shocks. These premium properties, combined with the excellent repair possibilities, significantly increase the lifetime of essential components as well as the uptime of the related equipment. The total costs of ownership are substantially reduced with Topclad Laser Cladding.

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Use of low-cost base material

Rising raw material prices and long lead times are nowadays the rule rather than the exception. High grade materials such as stainless steel and duplex are affected the most. Many companies are rethinking their product design to minimize the impact on their business. The Topclad laser clad layers offer a solution for substituting expensive stainless steel or duplex base materials. Piston rods, rollers and drums can be manufactured out of much cheaper regular carbon steel – with a higher yield strength – and an optimized Topclad laser clad layer. Carbon steel with a Topclad laser clad layer is cheaper, has a shorter lead time and offers a longer lifetime.

One-stop shop

Topclad has close collaborations with local machine shops. Through these partnerships short lead times and low costs can be achieved on sourcing material, machining and laser cladding of components. Topclad takes care of your complete component.

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