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Machine parts
Rollers & drums
Ship propeller shafts
Machine parts

The outside of many rollers and drums ask for special requirements like corrosion and wear resistance. But high usage temperatures, thermal shocks, external impacts, hygienic and shiny properties might apply as well. Topclad laser clad is able to fulfill all of these requirements. Other types of layers like galvanic nickel chrome or HVOF often fail to meet one or more of these features.

For very tough bearing conditions, Topclad can offer 3 types of laser clad layers. The Topclad high end bearing surface is Tardisphere, e.g. applied on ship propellor shafts. Over 100 water lubricated propellor shafts, provided with Topclad Tardisphere, are successful in operation for many years by now. That proves the quality of this Topclad bearing  layer.

Worn out machine parts can easily be reworked to the original shape and dimensions by applying Topclad laser clad layers. Several laser clad layers have physical properties that meet or exceed the ones from the original materials. With Topclad laser cladding, even 10mm or more can be added.

Hydraulic cilinder rods

In the past Topclad used to apply galvanic nickel and chrome on hydraulic cylinders. Their knowhow gets back to over 40 years and has been very useful in the step to apply laser cladding layers as a substitute for galvanic nickel chrome. Topclad is able to remove existing galvanic chrome and HVOF layers and apply laser clad layers on rods from diameter 40 – 2200 mm with length up till 24.000mm.

Topclad Length Measuring Systems can be included as well (also as substitute for Bosch Rexroth CIMS). And threaded ends on rods can be provided with nickel based thread, that makes it easy to screw and unscrew e.g. rod eyes after many years, without an resistance due to corrosion. Topclad is also able to manufacture completely new rods according to customer drawings.

A number of Topclad laser clad layers have testcertificates, witnessed by BV or DNV.

For more specific information of laser cladding on the different components we refer to the applications in the several market segments.

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