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Laser cladding is used to repair high volume aerospace, marine, dredging or general engineering components where excessive wear and corrosion has occurred.

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A mix of extraordinary carbides in the inter-metallic bonds influences the balance between hardness and toughness. TopClad® surface is highly resistant to wear and tear.

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Unlike many other surface treatments, TopClad® is a surface treatment that combines an extremely dense, crack-free and non-porous microstructure layer.

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TopClad® high speed laser cladding Netherlands

TopClad® laser cladding Netherlands | lasercladding Belgium is a unique laser surface treatment with a proven track record in heavy duty applications for demanding industries. By means of focused low-energy input, provided by laser technology, a selection of inter-metallic bonds of materials is melted to the substrate.

Depending on the choice of the inter-metallic bonds, highly dedicated surface improvements can be achieved, for example highly anti-corrosive and wear-resistant surfaces. Due to thorough laboratory and field testing, TopClad® is available for a wide range of heavy duty performances.



Benefits of laser cladding:

No subcorrosion or delamination

√ Reduction of cost of ownership

√ Repairable

√ Capacity for XXL components

√ Sustainable process

No chemicals involved


  • Plating Solutions BV now TopClad BV

    Dear Customer, Thank you for visiting the Plating Solutions website. Plating Solutions has decades of experience in the application of galvanic Nickel chrome on hydraulic rods, production rollers, ship shafts and bearing structures. In the meantime, surface techniques are developing further and in 2012 Plating Solutions started with laser cladding under the name Topclad. With

    26 March 2019
  • Laser cladding of shafts for ”Multraship Responder”

    In cooperation with Damen Shipyard and Bureau Veritas we have managed to successfully passed  the criteria which have been set by our client. Our TopClad Tardisphere layer has been successfully applied on 2 off shafts with base material SS431. With this milestone TopClad is moving forward and pushing towards laser cladding of variety of materials

    8 January 2019
  • TopClad® Tardisphere for “Gavdos”

    In close collaboration with Damen Shipyards Gorinchem, TopClad® has recently completed the first phase of overhauling 2 propeller shafts of the “Gavdos” vessel using the TopClad® laser technology. The propeller shafts, made of 1.4418 – 10088-QT900 material, were worn at the bearing places under the heavy duty application. By applying the TopClad® Tardisphere (225 μm

    11 November 2017
  • TopClad® an extensive range of unique alloys

    Following our Multi Alloy Solution (MAS) newsletter, which we informed you about in 2017, we hereby inform you about some unique alloys as a selection from our wide TopClad® range. Slide Based on a unique aluminium bronze matrix, Slide offers a combination of wear and fretting resistance. Due to the carefully chosen elements, dry running

    11 July 2017