Quarite XT

Laser clad layer Quarite XT

Quarite XT has been specially developed to combine the best of two worlds without using carbides: an excellent corrosion resistance with a high wear resistance. Quarite XT has the highest wear resistance of the non-carbide layers. This is due to the small hard bearing phases that are being formed during laser cladding.

For more detailed information about our Quarite XT laser clad layer please refer to the technical specifications or download our datasheet.

Quarite XT 1
Technical Specifications
Corrosion resistance (ISO 10289) > 1000hrs, grade 10
Pitting resistance (PREN) 59
Wear resistance (ASTM65 volume loss)


Impact resistance (# impacts@20 joule)

> 7.000

Ductility Very high
Micro hardness 570HV
Thermal shock resistance

Very high

Operating temperature to maintain properties < 875 °C
Roughness 0,15 <RA> 1,6 µm
Bonding strenght ∞ (Infinite; intermetallic bonding)
Porosity 0%
Heat affected zone < 0,2mm
Topclad lenght measurement system Optional
Impact resistance
  • Chrome
  • Nickel-chrome
  • Quarite XT