Quarite NR+

Laser clad layer Quarite NR+

Quarite NR and Quarite NR+ have the highest corrosion resistance of the Topclad laser clad layer portfolio. This is due to the high percentage of molybdenum in this nickel-based superalloy. These two layers only differ in hardness and wear resistance. Quarite NR+ provides the best protection in extreme high corrosive conditions with moderate to high wear.

For more detailed information about our Quarite NR+ laser clad layer please refer to the technical specifications or download our datasheet.

Quarite NR+ 1
Technical Specifications
Corrosion resistance (ISO 10289) > 1000hrs, grade 10
Pitting resistance (PREN) 69
Wear resistance (ASTM65 volume loss)


Impact resistance (# impacts@20 joule)

> 5.000

Ductility Very high
Micro hardness 520HV
Thermal shock resistance

Very high

Operating temperature to maintain properties < 950 °C
Roughness 0,15 <RA> 1,6 µm
Bonding strenght ∞ (Infinite; intermetallic bonding)
Porosity 0%
Heat affected zone < 0,2mm
Topclad lenght measurement system Optional
  • Chrome
  • Nickel-chrome
  • Quarite NR+