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Topclad Laser Cladding is the leading manufacturer of innovative laser clad layers in Europe. Based in Lelystad, the Netherlands, Topclad Laser Cladding develops and applies laser clad layers for the most demanding industries including oil, gas, sustainable energy, offshore, dredging, mining, bridges and water locks, steel manufacturing and food processing. Our goal: to provide components with a superior protection against wear, corrosion and impact with a highly improved reliability and uptime of capital intensive equipment as a result.

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At the forefront of laser clad innovation
As the first industrial laser cladding company in Europe, Topclad Laser Cladding has pioneered a revolution in the market of corrosion and wear resistant surface treatments and coatings. Using our extensive experience and in-house R&D and by working closely with notified bodies and customers, we have developed and tested unique laser clad layers that have proven themselves under extreme conditions for many years in the field.

Different needs, different solutions
The product portfolio of Topclad Laser Cladding offers different layers for different customer demands. Whether it is a high wear resistant bearing surface, a corrosion resistant surface for offshore hydraulic cylinders or the repair of heavily damaged components, Topclad Laser Cladding has the optimal solution. Besides the optimal laser clad layer, Topclad performs the required pre- and postmachining as well, such as: turning, grinding, honing and polishing.