Stainless Steel 316L


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Our Quarite 316L surface treatment is based on SS316L and is suitable for many applications:

  • Components used in the petrochemical industry
  • Components used in the food industry
  • Components exposed to acids and chlorides
  • Salvage and build up of worn or mismachined steel parts


Technical Specifications

∞ (Infinite; intermetallic bonding)

≈ 320 – 350 HV

Depending on application

Depending on application

< 1 %


Advice is to use this surface treatment in the following:

  • For applications requiring high resistance (pitting & crevice corr.) in chloride environments
  • For applications which require high impact resistance and tensile strength
  • Medium abrasive, general and offshore applications

Seawater resistant

  • Hard Chrome
  • Nickel Hard Chrome
  • SS 316L