TopClad® an extensive range of unique alloys

Following our Multi Alloy Solution (MAS) newsletter, which we informed you about in 2017, we hereby inform you about some unique alloys as a selection from our wide TopClad® range.

Based on a unique aluminium bronze matrix, Slide offers a combination of wear and fretting resistance. Due to the carefully chosen elements, dry running properties and cavitation erosion resistance are also part of the Slide characteristics. This makes Slide a highly applicable surface treatment for all you piston guides, pumps, hydraulic press sleeves etc..

Quarite-NR Plus
Quarite-NR Plus is the undisputed number one in the Quarite-program due to its nickel chromium matrix. The matrix of Quarite-NR Plus is provided with tungsten, which brings the wear resistance to an even higher level. Of course, the corrosion resistance and ductility come as a standard in the Quarite-NR Plus. This high quality alloy is widely used as a surface treatment for cylindrical rods in demanding industries wherein natural effects are present in a great extent. Quarite-NR Plus is successfully used in the offshore, marine and dredging industries.

With Tardisphere we enter the world of extreme wear-resistant materials. This alloy, consisting of a nickel chromium matrix reinforced with tungsten carbide, surpasses the characteristics of many well-known surface treatments. As you can expect from TopClad®, Tardisphere also has a high corrosion resistance combined with the necessary ductility. Tardisphere finds its application in the extreme industries both onshore as well as offshore in which wear resistance is of key importance. If you have any questions regarding our product line please contact our
experts at TopClad® and we will work out the best solution for your specific application!