Our range of coating solutions

TopClad® laser cladding Netherlands | lasercladding Belgium is a unique laser surface treatment with a proven track record in heavy duty applications for demanding industries. By means of focused low-energy input, provided by laser technology, a selection of inter-metallic bonds of materials is melted to the substrate. Depending on the choice of the inter-metallic bonds, highly dedicated surface improvements can be achieved, for example highly anti-corrosive and wear-resistant surfaces. Due to thorough laboratory and field testing, TopClad® is available for a wide range of heavy duty performances.

Quarite N

For applications in which extreme ductility and corrosion resistancy is required.

Quarite NR

For applications in which an improved wear resistancy is required.

Quarite NR Plus

For applications in which an improved wear resistancy & hardness is required.

Quarite C

For applications in which ductility and high tensile strenght is required.


Where ductility and high tensile strengt is required. Extreme high wear resistance.

Stainless Steel 316L

For applications requiring high resistance in chloride environments.