Quarite NR Plus


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Our Quarite NR Plus surface treatment is based on Nickel alloy with tungsten and is suitable for many applications:

  • Components used in chemical corrosive environments
  • Components exposed to high mechanical stresses
  • Components exposed to both extremely low and extremely high temp.
  • Seawater applications, components exposed to acids and chlorides
  • Applications where hydrogen sulfide and elementary sulfur exist (up to 145 °C)


Technical Specifications

∞ (Infinite; intermetallic bonding)

Depending on application

Class Rᴀ 10 – Rᴩ 10; ISO 10289 – 1000 hr

< 1 %

ISO 5817, DNV-C1 & C2, DNV-M1, M2 & M3


Advice is to use this surface treatment in the following:

  • For applications in which an improved wear resistancy & hardness is required
  • For applications in which extreme ductility and corrosion resistancy is required
  • Applications which require resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion & intercrystalline corrosion
  • Medium abrasive, general and offshore applications

Seawater resistant

  • Hard Chrome
  • Nickel Hard Chrome
  • Quarite NR Plus