TopClad® goes Xtreme

We are pleased to announce that TopClad® has taken a giant step forward in laser cladding technology. After more than 2 years of research and development, we started up our new TopClad® laser cladding system in August 2016.

With this new system our capacity increased tremendously and we can now treat products up-to 24 meters in length and 2,2 meters in diameter.

With TopClad® high-speed laser cladding we can offer you the latest technology in functional surface treatments. TopClad® represents the highest quality available in the market and with our wide range of alloys we can offer you a solution for every application. TopClad® high-speed lasercladding is highly sustainable and fully in line with the latest trends in environmental awareness.

TopClad® is a functional surface treatment for all your cylindrical rods, rollers, shafts, trunnions etc. Our core activity is the high-grade treatment of metal components for the most critical branches of industry with the unprecedented TopClad® laser technology. We can provide you all the necessary information. Please contact our experts and we will work out the best solution for your application!

We hope to welcome you as user of TopClad®.