Economical Benefits


TopClad ® is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable process. The technology is fully in line with our mission to implement production processes which lead to a reduced carbon footprint. In contrast to other surface treatment methods, no chemicals are involved in the TopClad ® process. Furthermore, the energy consumption required for applying TopClad ® is extremely low compared to other, common technologies.

The highly efficient process as well as the re- use of residual materials means there is no waste.


Damage to machine parts always occurs non expected and at times that valuable production processes are running at full capacity. Consequently, any repairs must be carried out efficiently and adequately. Repairing the surface of a machine part that has been treated with TopClad ® is an extremely straight-forward process which can be done on site.

This guarantees maximum up-times. TopClad ® is also highly suitable for extremely worn machine parts. The TopClad ® technology restores the machine part to its original shape and quality, and even improves performance.

Up-time & endurance

In the offshore, marine, dredging, oil & gas industries, steel & paper mills and many other industries, TopClad ® has been applied to machine parts with great success.

In these industries, the up-time of capital intensive equipment is crucial for economic success. TopClad ® substantially increases the up-time of the related equipment. The ‘cost of ownership’ is reduced substantially.