Application of Laser Cladding

Laser cladding offers many advantages over the conventional coating processes. It can deliver a much higher quality of coating, with minimal dilution and distortion, offering enhanced surface quality parameters. The properties of the surface material thus obtained have similar or even better characteristics than originally.

In general, the advantages of laser cladding are:

  • Reduced production time
  • Enhanced thermal control
  • Highly satisfactory repair of parts
  • Production of a functionally graded part
  • Production of smart structures.

Cylinderrods for crane and positioning as well as jackup devices, provided with Quarite NR+ lasercladlayer.

  • Heave compensation cylinders
  • Riser tensioner cylinders
  • Jacking cylinders
  • Jack up cylinders
  • Deck Mating cylinders

Propeller shafts overhaul with TopcladTardishere, inclusive Bureau Veritas procedure qualification.

  • Suction dredger cylinders
  • Hull door cylinder
  • Piling barge cylinders
  • Split barge cylinders
  • Hull outlet cylinder

Cylinderrods for bottomdoors, overflow cilinders, spudcarrier and cutterhead are provide with Quarite N or Tardisphere lasercladlayer.

Sheaves for C-frame hoisting, provided with Quarite laserclad layer, Pipelayer “support and position” cylinders, provided with Quarite NR+ laserclad layer on the cylinder rod.

Our application are suitable for many other industries suchlike  Foil, Steel industry, Hydraulics, Marine, Textile leather industry, Paper industry, Defence technologies, Energy generation, Printing industry, Food, Automotive, Aerospace and Film industry.