TopClad® Laser Cladding

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What is TopClad® laser cladding?

TopClad ® laser cladding is a unique laser surface treatment with a proven track record in heavy duty applications for demanding industries. By means of focused low-energy input, provided by laser technology, a selection of inter-metallic bonds of materials is melted to the substrate.

Depending on the choice of the inter-metallic bonds, dedicated surface improvements will be achieved, for example highly corrosion- and wear resistant surfaces. Due to thorough laboratory and field testing, TopClad ® is available in a extended mix of inter-metallic bonds for a wide range of heavy duty performances.

Due to the focused energy input on the melting spot, the substrate is only exposed to a very limited amount of heat. Structural changes to the material are negligible and the treated part retains its shape and dimension.

Corrosion resistant
Extremely dense, crack-free and non-porous microstructure layer.

Widely applicable 
Topclad® can be applied in a wide range of industries, each with their own specific requirements.

Wear resistant 
A Topclad® surface is higly resistant to wear and tear due to a perfect balance between hardness and toughness.

Superb metallurgical bonding
The added metalic bond is sprayed into the melting spot of the substrate, created by the focused energy of the laser beam. This way of fusing materials makes delamination impossible and prevents sub-corrosion.

This is a major advantage compared to other alternatives of surface treatments.

TopClad® is a outstanding surface treatment for applications in which corrosion- and wear resistancy is crucial to the operational life time.

Highly durable
Unlike many other surface treatments, TopClad ® is a surface treatment that combines an extremely dense, crack-free and non-porous microstructure layer with ductile characteristics. This makes the substrate highly durable in extreme aggressive environments.

The surface hardness depends on the choice of the applied inter-metallic bond. TopClad® is available in a wide range of alloys with added hard faced carbides which results in extreme surface hardness. The surface remains ductile and non-brittle. Therefor TopClad® can be applied in a wide range of industries and applications, each with their own specific requirements.

Wear resistant
The wear resistance of TopClad® layers is closely related to the hardness and toughness of the materials created through laser cladding. In particular, the carbides in the inter-metallic bonds influences the balance between hardness and toughness. This means that a TopClad® surface is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Topclad® is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable process.

Laser cladding repair
Topclad® is suitable for extremely worn machine parts. Restore to its original shape and quality and improve performance.

Increase Up-time
Increase the up-time of the related quipments. The ‘cost of ownership’ is reduced substantially.

is an environmental friendly and sustainable process. The technology is fully in line with our mission to implement production processes which lead to a reduced carbon footprint. In contrast to other surface treatment methods, no chemicals are involved in the TopClad® process. Furthermore, the energy consumption required for applying TopClad® is extremely low compared to other technologies.

The highly efficient process as well as the re-use of residual materials means there is no waste.

Laser Cladding Repair
Damage to machine parts might occur non expected and at times that valuable production processes are running at full capacity. Consequently, any repairs must be carried out efficiently and adequately. Repairing the surface of a machine part that has been treated with TopClad® is a straightforward process which can be done on site.

This guarantees maximum up-time. TopClad® is also suitable for worn machine parts. The TopClad® technology restores the machine part to its original shape and quality and even improves performance.

Up-time and endurance
In the offshore, marine, dredging, oil & gas industries, steel & paper mills and many other industries, TopClad® has been applied to machine parts with great success.

In these industries, the up-time of capital intensive equipment is crucial for economic success. TopClad® substantially increases the up-time of the related equipment and therefor reduces the cost of ownership.

Laser cladding applications
Laser cladding offers many advantages compared to the conventional coating processes. It can deliver a much higher quality of coating with minimal dilution and distortion, offering enhanced surface quality parameters. The properties of the surface material thus obtained have similar or even better characteristics than the original.

In general the advantages of laser cladding are:

  • High quality coating resulting in a much longer lifetime
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Partial repair of cylinder rods on site
  • Repair of parts
  • Short delivery time

Cylinder rods for cranes, positioning and jackup devices, provided with Quarite NR+ laserclad layer.

Propeller shafts overhaul with Topclad® Tardishere®. Procedure certified by Notified Body.

Cylinder rods for bottom doors, overflow cylinders, spudcarriers and cutterheads provided with Topclad® Quarite N or Tardisphere® laserclad layer.

Oil and Gas
Sheaves for C-frame hoisting, provided with Quarite laserclad layer. Pipelayer support and positioning cylinders provided with Quarite NR+ laserclad layer.

Topclad® laser cladding technology is suitable for many other industries such as:

  • Foil- and steel
  • Textile- and leather
  • Paper- and printing
  • Energy generation
  • Food
  • Automotive- and aerospace

Please let us know if you have a question, want to leave a comment, or would like further information about TopClad®.


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