Why you should use laser cladding for cylinder rods?

Laser cladding is a deposition welding process in which a layer of powder is deposited on the substrate material, and these materials are fused by metallurgical bonding through the action of a laser beam. With this in mind it is the perfect solution for your rods.

Laser cladding advantages

Laser cladding offers many advantages over the conventional coating processes. It can deliver a much higher quality of coating, with minimal dilution and distortion, offering enhanced surface quality parameters. The properties of the surface material thus obtained have similar or even better characteristics than originally.

In general, the advantages of laser cladding are:

  • reduced production time
  • enhanced thermal control
  • highly satisfactory repair of parts
  • production of a functionally graded part




Laser cladding has many advantages in comparison to hard chrome. It is an envioremental friendly proces.
Aslo it provides the best charictaristics possible in the market of surface treatment.


Technical benefits Topclad comparison


In conclusion, the particular optical and operating characteristics of high power diode lasers now make them an excellent match for cladding applications. Specifically, they can produce clads of high quality and with a wide range of materials which already have good market availability and documented service performance.

In particular, laser processing meets the increasing need in the market for cladding with standardized alloys. The superior integrity of the laser clad coating with standard alloys delivers results that, to a higher degree, conform to the principle alloy, resulting in more predictable performance. In addition, laser cladding can be accomplished at relatively high deposition rates and usually only requires a single layer, making it a fast process.

Last but not least, laser processing is environmentally friendly because it uses clean energy and few contaminating materials.

TopClad BV is able to fully repair your rods. Also we are able to provide a turn key solution with our sub suppliers for manufacturing complete rods. For more information look into our website or contact us directly.   We are able to provide a solution for your rod up to 2200 mm in diameter and a maximum length of 24.000mm.