TopClad® laser cladding

TopClad ® laser cladding is an unique laser surface treatment with a proven track record in heavy duty applications for demanding industries. By means of focused low-energy input, provided by laser technology, a selection of inter-metallic bonds of materials is melted to the substrate.

Depending on the choice of the inter-metallic bonds, highly dedicated surface improvements can be achieved, for example highly anti-corrosive and wear-resistant surfaces. Due to thorough laboratory and field testing, TopClad ® is available in an extended mix of inter-metallic bonds, available for a wide range of heavy duty performances.

Due to the focused energy input on the melting spot, the substrate is only exposed to a very limited amount of heat. Structural changes to the materials are negligible and the treated part retains its shape and dimensions.

At our workshop we are able to laserclad and machine items up to a diameter of 2.200 mm and a maximum length of 24.000 mm.

Summary of our machines:

  • 2 off laserclad machines
  • 4 off Polish belt machines
  • 4 off Grind stone machines
  • 4 Turning machines

Benefits of laser cladding can be utilized across many industries giving an opportunity to restore worn out components or reinforce new ones.

  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Shafts
  • Drums
  • Rollers
  • Piston Heads
  • Other items upon request.

In the offshore, marine, dredging, oil & gas industries, steel & paper mills and many other industries, TopClad® has been applied to machine parts with great success.

In these industries, the up-time of capital intensive equipment is crucial for economic success. TopClad® substantially increases the up-time of the related equipment. The ‘cost of ownership’ is reduced substantially.